Women also experience Low T.

We have been approached by many of our male clients to consider treating their wives.  Many of our patients have stated that once their low testosterone has been corrected and they have greater energy and desire, their partner feels more like the one who is keeping the relationship from returning to it’s former level of passion.  Although some OB-Gyn doctors will treat women for Low T, which similar to the situation for men, improves energy, weight loss and sexual desire for those affected women, we have found that OB-Gyn’s are often very conservative in their treatment recommendations.  This has resulted in women who feel only partially treated.

Both men and women have one another’s major sexual hormone but in reversed proportions in the normal situation.  Whereas a normal man should have a High Testosterone level and a Low Estrogen level, the normal woman should have a High Estrogen (Estradiol) level and a low T level.  However, when a woman’s serum Testosterone level  declines below 80 ng/dl, she may experience symptoms of Low T similar to those in men.  Simply returning her to levels more like she had at age 30 (i.e. 80-100 ng/dl) will often relieve her symptoms and greatly improve her quality of life and self-image.

We recommend that all women who feel they are suffering from Low T, should see their personal OB-Gyn for diagnosis, discussion and Low T treatment.

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