Treatment Of Low T

Low T is typically diagnosed when a man complains of general fatigue, low energy or running out of energy too early in the day, depressive mood, low libido (sex drive) and weight gain in spite of good diet and exercise.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Get More Energy & Focus With Low T Replacment

After an accurate diagnosis is made, including assessment of the pituitary gland hormone Prolactin, and the female hormone Estradiol-which is normally found at low levels in all men, appropriate therapy can be discussed and initiated.

Different types of therapy are used, depending on goals like maintaining fertility, insurance coverage, costs and concerns for testosterone transfer to wife and children if using topical Testosterone treatments.

Low T, Fertility & Alternative Treatment

Many clients come to our attention, once they learn that Low T treatment with any type of

Testosterone preparation can result in destruction of their fertility. For such clients, alternative therapy with pill medication such as Clomid, Tamoxifen and Letrizole or injectable therapy with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) may work well to elevate serum Testosterone levels and alleviate Low T symptoms, while maintaining fertility.

Treatment With Androgel and Testosterone Injections

Other clients who are done having children, only need the most reliable and cost effective treatment option, which is weekly IM injections of Testosterone to achieve blood levels that correlate with better function and sense of well-being. Unfortunately, up to 50% of men trying skin application methods like Androgel to medicate for low T absorb the medication well enough to continue this as therapy.

Also, it is key to pay attention to Estradiol (estrogen) levels, since the benefits of improved Testosterone levels can be offset by failing to recognize and treat high Estradiol levels. High Estradiol levels are treated with either Arimidex (generic is anastrozole) or Aromasin.

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