Plano Low Testosterone Therapy

A strong and successful city within the Dallas Fort Worth area, Plano is home to many corporate headquarters for an immense selection of companies. With its high rankings for being the best place to live by CNN Money magazine and schools that consistently score among the highest in the nation, Plano residents are proud to live in the “City of Excellence”. With the Low T Guru nearby, men don’t have to look too far when they search for a highly qualified Plano Low Testosterone doctor for help with their male reproductive health concerns. Dedicated to your best possible health, the Low T Guru team, directed by Jeffrey P. Buch M.D., is your Health and Wellness partner.

As an innovator in the field of Male Reproductive Health, Dr. Buch has pioneered many of the various treatments for Low T. He has also committed his professional career from onset to serving men with Reproductive and Hormone problems since completing his Urology training in 1985 following a 2 year Fellowship in Male Reproductive Health and Microsurgery. Dr. Buch also understands the issues that confront men who experience the symptoms of Low Testosterone, because he is not only the director, he is a client of Low T treatment as well. Therefore, at Low T Guru it is our mission to fully educate our Plano Low Testosterone patients on all the aspects of Low T from understanding to diagnosis to treatment and care.

Understanding Low Testosterone and your Health

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For Low T Treatment in Frisco, Texas , Call The Low T Guru Dr. Buch

Low T treatment starts with first understanding Low Testosterone, what causes it and how it can affect your health. Unlike many Plano Low T treatment clinics, we won’t rush you through the testing and diagnosis; at Lot T Guru, Dr. Buch and the team will discuss how your body produces Testosterone, how T levels are controlled and what functions of the body Testosterone affects. We will also thoroughly educate you so that you have a clear understanding of Testosterone relating to your body and be available to answer your Low T health questions. You will also be educated on the Low Testosterone diagnosis relating to your blood testing serum Testosterone levels, and the correlation of your levels with your age as well as the signs and symptoms you have been dealing with.

Personal Care in Plano Low T Diagnosis

The Low T Guru team will strive to provide you with a comfortable, unrushed and confidential atmosphere, where respect and a professional attitude are readily apparent. If you are a client that has come to us through a doctor generated referral, referred by another Plano Low T Guru patient or found us by searching the internet either because you did not know where to go for proper diagnosis and treatment or you are not satisfied with your current level of care, we are here to address all of your Low T and male health concerns. As you make the first step by contacting us and through your initial visit as well as your treatment, Dr. Buch and the team at Low T Guru will be very thorough. During your initial visit you will be given the time to “tell your story” and allow us to take details of your medical history, which will follow a brief, yet focused and gentle physical exam on the reproductive anatomy. You then will be educated one-on-one about proper Low Testosterone diagnosis, treatment and the symptoms affecting you most. Our staff will also inform you regarding the typical course of visits, and within one to two months of your initial appointment we will have found the types and proper doses needed for your Low T treatment.

Individual Low T Treatment in Plano

Treating Low Testosterone is not the same for every patient; many clients experience different symptoms of Low T such as weight gain in spite of good diet and exercise, depressive mood, general fatigue, low libido (sex drive) and low energy or running out of energy too early in the day. After addressing your symptoms and an accurate Low T diagnosis, our team will review the Low T treatment options available with you. With multiple therapy options and depending on your personal, daily and family life, Dr. Buch and our Low T Guru team will discuss and recommend your therapy options, then initiate the best Low T treatment for you and your symptoms. As you progress through your treatment, we will monitor and follow up with you regularly to be sure you are receiving the best treatment results possible.

Dr. Buch has thirty years of professional focus in Male Reproductive Medicine. With years of experience dealing with the most difficult cases to manage and simple, straight forward cases, it allows Dr. Buch and the Low T Guru staff to provide you with a level of care that you will not find anywhere else. As your Low T advisors, we are dedicated to your best possible Health; contact us to take the first step toward better Health and Wellness.

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