Dallas Low Testosterone Therapy

As a continually growing city home to many native Texans as well as newcomers that have relocated from all parts of the nation and world, Dallas is a large part of an ever-expanding metropolis that has a lot to offer its many residents.While the medical industry in the “Big D” is ahead of the curve by providing multiple healthcare options, your male health needs shouldn’t be left to just any Dallas Low T doctor or facility.

Low Testosterone Therapy Process

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Call the Low T Guru for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Dallas, Texas.

The first step to Low Testosterone treatment begins with understanding Low T, its causes and how it can affect your health. At Low T Guru, we won’t jump into the tests and treatment options without discussing how Testosterone is produced in your body, how Testosterone levels are controlled and what functions of the body testosterone affects.

Choosing The Best Low T Doctor in Dallas

As partners in your Health and Wellness and your guide to Low T, the Low T Guru team, directed by Jeffrey P. Buch M.D., is dedicated to your best possible health. Dr. Buch, as an innovator in this field, has pioneered many of the various Low T treatments. Since completing his Urology training in 1985 and a two year Fellowship in Male Reproductive Health and Microsurgery from 1985-1987, he has committed his professional career as a male health expert from onset to serving men with Reproductive and Hormone problems.

As not only the director, Dr. Buch is also a Low T treatment client; therefore, he has a direct understanding of the issues that confront men that experience the discouraging Low T symptoms. From understanding to diagnosis to treatment, it is our mission to fully educate our Dallas Low T clients on all the aspects of Low Testosterone.

Low T Diagnosis

Upon your clear understanding of Testosterone and your body, and answering any questions you may have regarding your situation dealing with Low Testosterone, we will thoroughly educate you on the Low T diagnosis specifically to your blood testing for serum Testosterone levels, and the correlation of those levels with your age and the signs and symptoms you described to us at the beginning of your session at Low T Guru.

Hands On Diagnosis Assessment

Whether you are a new client that heard about us from another Dallas Low T treatment client, you were referred by another doctor or you found us by searching on the internet, we will go above and beyond to provide an unrushed, comfortable and confidential atmosphere for assessing your diagnosis of Low T.

From your initial phone contact to the initial visit to Low T Guru, our staff and Dr. Buch will be very thorough; you will have adequate time to “tell your story”, time for us to take a detailed medical history and perform a brief and gentle physical exam focused on the male reproductive anatomy.

How Long Does it Take to Raise Testosterone Levels?

If available, we will review and discuss any prior treatment information and data. You will then be personally educated about proper Low T diagnosis, treatment and the symptoms affecting you the most. You will also be informed of the typical course of visits, and usually within one to two months of your initial visit we will have found the right doses and types of medication needed.

Low T Symptoms & Treatment Options

At Low T Guru, we understand that Low Testosterone treatment is not the same for every patient. Depending on your description of Low T symptoms you describe to us at your initial visit, which could be low energy or running out of energy too early in the day, general fatigue, depressive mood, weight gain in spite of good diet and exercise, and low libido (sex drive), and after an accurate diagnosis is made, appropriate Low T therapy will then be thoroughly discussed and initiated.

With multiple Low T treatment options available and depending on certain life and family situations, we can then initiate the most effective Low Testosterone therapy for you, which will be monitored to be sure this option is working best for you, your treatment and your symptoms. At Lo T Guru, we are your Low T advisors, and ultimately we know that an educated YOU, is the best one in charge of your own health. Contact us today; we are here to help you take your first step toward better Health and Wellness.

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