Risks of low T therapy

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Many clients approach us with their concerns regarding low testosterone therapy. They realize that there are many advantages to treating the symptoms associated with low testosterone but they also hear television commercials that indicate higher levels of heart disease and stroke in men being treated for low testosterone.

Low T Therapy Results

Many of our clients have suffered from low energy levels and weight gain over several years. The energy boost that they get in their very first month of treatment causes many of our clients to get off the couch, so to speak, and to get back to the gym. Obviously it is not wise to go from a sedentary lifestyle to competing with the workout routines of the fittest men in the gym.  It is the prudent course to gradually work toward a more aggressive and sustainable fitness routine. When a man suddenly asks his body to do much more than it is capable of, this can put a strain on the heart and the blood flow to the brain that increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Low Testosterone Treatment Risks

Furthermore, one of the organs of the body that is sensitive to testosterone is the bone marrow.  The bone marrow produces red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout our body. In some men, it will be necessary to have testosterone levels to help the majority of their symptoms improve that result in a level of bone marrow stimulation that results in a high red blood cell count. When this occurs, it is called polycythemia, and over time polycythemia can result in an increased risk of stroke or heart attack because it represents “thick blood”.  This risk is easily controlled, when the doctor educates his client to the possible risk ahead of time, and the doctor stresses the importance of blood testing at regular six-month intervals. In this manner, when the red blood count approaches a high level, the doctor can advise the patient to donate blood at regular intervals so as to maintain normal red blood cell counts.


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Another area of concern that is often discussed is prostate cancer. Testosterone therapy will not cause prostate cancer, however, if a small focus of prostate cancer is present prior to treatment it may grow faster during testosterone therapy.  Again, when a man treated with testosterone over the age of 40 is followed by a knowledgeable doctor, he will have prostate specific antigen levels monitored in his blood on a regular basis, and at the earliest sign of an increase in this level the client can be assessed with a prostate biopsy so as to diagnose any cancer present at an earlier stage than it may have been found had the client not been on testosterone therapy with regular follow-up.

Avoid Low T Therapy Risks with Expert Care and Treatment

When testosterone therapy is monitored carefully and administered by an expert in this field, there appears to be no increased risk of stroke or heart attack or prostate cancer. Please contact us at your earliest convenience should you wish to have an initial evaluation for the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone or should you wish to transfer your current care.

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