Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is another common sexual function issue.  ED is estimated to affect up to 20 % of all adult men, with the absolute incidence becoming 1 in 5 by age 50, 1 in 3 by age 60, and 50 % or more in men aged 70 or greater.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

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Don’ t Let (ED) Hold You Back Anymore

Although correction of Low T in younger men with ED will often treat both situations, in many men, ED will persist even after treatment of Low T. In such cases there are other physical causes which most often are characterized by a failure of the penile erection cylinders (corpora cavernosa) to “lock-in” the blood in such a way so as to give the penis it’s erectile “backbone”.  

This defect in function of the erectile cylinders is commonly referred to as “venous leak”.  Many medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis are often associated with ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The use of PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or Stendra, have been effective in treating up to 70 % of ED cases with minimal side effects.  All of these medications work in conjunction with the normal erectile mechanisms to effectively “super-charge” their efficiency.  In cases that fail to respond, second tier therapies have been employed.

Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Second tier therapy for ED includes penile injection therapy and vacuum constriction devices.  We realize that it sounds tender to inject one of the penile cylinders with medication using a tiny needle through the penile midshaft, but many of our diabetic patients insist that their insulin injections in the skin near the navel are more tender.

This method gets much higher concentrations of medication where it is needed and minimizes side effects by keeping the amount of medication that spreads throughout  the body to a very low level.  This therapy works well for 70 % of those men who have failed the oral pills.

Alternative {ED} Treatment

Alternately, a man can use a clear plastic vacuum tube overtop the penis to “pull” blood into the penis while gently slipping a rubber ring around the penile base as the vacuum cylinder is dislodged from the penile base.  Patient and partner satisfaction rates with this therapy are in excess of 50 %.

erectile dysfunction treatment 300x200 Erectile Dysfunction

Start Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery To Cure Impotency

When the simpler treatments have failed, a minor surgery can be employed that places a self-contained fully inflatable-deflatable penile prosthesis within the penile erection cylinders.  One can think of this like replacing the damaged inner tube of a car tire.  Once again, at first blush, this sounds like a difficult to accept solution.

However, the patient and partner satisfaction rates for this treatment are greater than 90 %.  All external and internal sensations including climax and orgasm remain the same as prior to placement of the penile implant.  However, now the man and his partner have a reliable erection under any and every circumstance.

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