Diagnosis Of Low T

Clients come to us primarily from word of mouth and doctor generated referral, but increasingly our clients find us on the internet because they either don’t know where to go for proper diagnosis and treatment, or in many cases, they are not satisfied with their current level of care.

We strive to provide a comfortable, unrushed and confidential atmosphere, where respect and a professional attitude are readily apparent. Thirty years of professional focus in Male Reproductive Medicine and dealing with the most difficult to manage cases, as well as the simple and straight forward cases, allows Dr. Buch and our staff to provide you with a level of care that you cannot get anywhere else.

Low T Diagnosis & Treatment Process

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Low T Treatment Can Change Your Life

At your initial phone contact, our staff will ask if you have already had a diagnosis made and if treatment has been initiated. In such cases, you will be asked to bring copies of your care reports and labs to the first visit. In cases that remain to be diagnosed, you will be asked to anticipate blood testing at the end of the initial consultation visit. The initial visit will be approximately 30 minutes, to allow adequate time for you to “tell your story” and for Dr. Buch or our Physician Assistant (PA) to take a detailed medical history.

Physical Exam and Diagnosis

A brief, focused and gentle physical exam of the male reproductive anatomy will then be performed. Review of prior treatment and lab data, when available, will be discussed. Dr. Buch or the PA will then educate you about proper diagnosis and treatment including what symptoms of Low T may be affecting you the most.

Furthermore, you will be informed of the typical course of visits. Usually, within one to two months of the initial visit, we have found the right doses and types of medication needed and recurring need for follow up visits and blood tests is typically needed only at 6 month intervals.

Estradiol and Low Testosterone Levels

We will pay attention to details of your hormone profile and general medical care that many other doctors treating Low T do not understand, including how to maintain your fertility while treating Low T, your balance between Testosterone and Estradiol (the major female hormone, found in normal men in only low levels) and tightly monitoring other important areas such as Thyroid, Liver, Kidney and other organ functions.

Low T Symptoms and Medical Conditions

low t diagnosis 200x300 Diagnosis Of Low T

Solve Your Low Testosterone Problems With Therapy

Please be aware that Low T is associated with other medical conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes and use of medication to control chronic pain.

Typical symptoms of Low T include:

  • low energy
  • low libido (sex drive)
  • depressive mood
  • fuzzy thought processes,
  • weight gain in spite of diet and exercise
  • and even sexual dysfunction.

How Do I Get Treatment For Low T?

You will feel confident in your evaluation and treatment from the end of your very first visit. We are readily accessible. You will never go very long before a phone message left with our staff is answered. Call us today, 972-612-7131, to take the first step toward better control of your Health and Wellness!

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